Murder of Archibald Grim - a fun tween mystery party.

The Murder of Archibald Grim

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    A fun teen mystery party for 8-16 players, ages 12 to adult, in a traditional-themed castle setting. This will be an easier sleuth for adult groups.  The victim is not a player in the game. This party may be hosted in a home.  This is the instant download upon purchase version of the game. There's nothing to be shipped, as you'll have everything you need with the download - no waiting, no shipping fees!  Easy to host, easy to prepare.   

    4 out of 10 difficulty rating for a mystery party

    Game release date: 3/28/18

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    Archibald Grim was a coldhearted miser who despised everyone in the town of Graymire. A greedy recluse, Mr. Grim only left his castle for his lucrative job as the president of First National Bank. Archibald spent his life hoarding his wealth and spewing hatred, sorrow, and despair across the city.  It was no surprise when Archibald Grim's body was found by his housekeeper this morning.  It appears that someone has slipped the chap a bit of poison.  The burning question is - who is guilty?  Is the killer an employee of the bank? A former colleague? His butler? Or might it be a family member who wants an inheritance?  The Graymire police have listed you as a suspect in the murder of Archibald Grim. You must journey to the Grim Castle at the exact time on the notice that was sent to your home. It would be dangerous not to attend, as the police might consider your absence a confession. This is where your story begins.  

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    Minimum age: 12 years
    Number of players: 8-16
    Expansion pack?: 8 player
    Expandable?: No
    Gender?: Flexible.
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    1. Fun night of good, clean fun

      Loved that the game was murder, but in the cleanest and least gory of ways - if that even makes sense. Had a group of ten teens from 11-15. The challenge was great, and only three of the players got it right, but I think that's super! They were boasting for hours!!!
      Please release some more games just like this!
      on Jun 9th 2018

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