Anonville Manor traditional murder mystery party

Murder at Anonville Manor murder mystery game

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    A traditional old mansion murder mystery party game for 8-15 guests, ages 16 and up (due to difficulty). By using the expansion packs, you will have 28 unique players and the ability to expand to over 40 guests by using expandable players. Not for novices - this game was created for those ready to sleuth an exciting murder mystery!

    Helpful Links:
    Click here to view the character list!
    Click here for the free, printable invitation!
    Click here to view the 5+ character expansion pack character list and click here for the invite that includes expansion pack #1
    Click here to view the 8 character expansion pack character list and click here for the invite that includes expansion pack #1 and 2
    Click here to view sample game materials.
    Click here for the downloadable version of the game.
    Direct your guests to the corresponding site at 'Your Mystery Party'
    Direct your invited party guests to Your Mystery Party to build pre-game excitement.

    Mystery Synopsis

    The historical Anonville Manor closed for business years ago due to a growing need for restoration and increasing rumors of eerie hauntings by ill-mannered spirits. The previous owners abandoned the rundown property in the middle of the night, never turning back. A secretive entrepreneur recently purchased the old bed & breakfast, renovated it, and submitted an official announcement to the media that the manor is now free of paranormal activity and has been restored to the pristine caliber of the good ole’ days when the estate was frequented by the high society of Anonville and rich and famous tourists. The new owner has chosen to remain anonymous for some mysterious reason. However, he or she has invited an eclectic group of townspeople to a VIP grand opening dinner party in the Majestic Ballroom of the hotel. You received an invitation. You are intrigued, but apprehensive at the same time. You are aware of some of the other guests on the invite list and sparks could fly. This is where your story begins...

    How to host a large party:
      • 15 unique players from the main game
      • 5 unique players from Expansion Pack #1 (purchased separately)
      • 8 unique players from Expansion Pack #2(purchased separately)
      • 15 duplicate expandable team of reporters (these players are assigned to the Tele N. Ewe and Pat Couric teams - see the character lists for the main game and Expansion Pack #1 for details)

    This totals 43 players for the guest lists, including 28 unique character roles and 15 additional reporters that play in two teams.

    In addition to the murder mystery game, there are optional bonus games:
    • Ice-breaking riddle challenge
    • 'How did I die?' game
    • 'Mystery Scramble Challenge' game
    • 'Catch me if you can' game
    • 'The Mysterious Charade Challenge'

    Need something awesome to wear?
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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 16 years (difficulty)
    # of players: 8-15 players
    Expansion pack: 5 players, 8 players
    Expandable: Expandable to over 40 players with teams (including expansion packs)
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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    1. Fantastic! Terrific! Bravo!

      I've done a few murder mystery parties from this company and they are by far the best. They have so many bells and whistles with their games and the mysteries are all different and fun to figure out who did it.

      This game was very challenging and my group had a blast with it. The character's aren't elaborate, so big costuming isn't needed - just a few props and they were good to go.
      on Jun 26th 2016

    2. Lots Of Fun!

      We just completed our mystery game this weekend, it was a BLAST! Everyone got very into their characters and the story line. We will be doing this again.
      on Jun 20th 2016

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