Misadventure in Topsy Turvy mystery party

Misadventure in Topsy-Turvy Land mystery party

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    Get ready to have a blast in Topsy-Turvy Land sleuthing the Case of the Pilfered Pocket Watch! This game is a fun non-murder kid's mystery party game for 6-12 players ages 10 and up. Most characters are non-gender specific and a 10+ character expansion pack is available and the game expands to over 30 players!

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    Mystery Party Game Synopsis

    The charming Kingdom of Topsy-Turvy Land turned dreadful after the Scarlet Queen thieved the crown from the unsuspecting Silver Queen who had ruled the land peacefully for the previous 101 years. The wicked Scarlet Queen seized control of Topsy-Turvy Land but as a cruel and uncaring dictator under the protection of her beastly ally - the Greasy Goon! Allie, a loyal friend of the Silver Queen, hatched an ingenious plan to steal the crown back from the Scarlet Queen! The Flying Monkeys were the unwilling night guardians of the Queen's crown as they were unable to escape the palace unless it was a precise time of day that they could fly. To keep them prisoners in the palace, the Queen didn't allow clocks around the Flying Monkey guardians. Reluctantly, they guarded the crown each night and did their duty to avoid her wrath! As Allie and friends strategized to seize the Queen's crown and save Topsy-Turvy Land, the White Bunny searched frantically around the Topsy-Turvy Land Woods for her missing gloves. The White Bunny was the Queen's herald and followed a rigid schedule around the daily criminal trials in the Palace Garden. After returning home with gloves in hand, the White Bunny stumbled upon a ransom note along with a curiously coded message on the table! The White Bunny was stunned to learn that a thief had stolen her pocket watch! The White Bunny knew she was in big trouble and needed serious help from her friends! The White Bunny arrived at the Crazy Cap Maker's Afternoon Tea Party and shared the note and curiously coded message with her friends. The guests of the tea party mingled about and discussed the crime. To everyone's shock, another ransom note surfaced that led to an exciting scavenger hunt through Topsy-Turvy Land Woods. Once the group decoded the curiously coded message, they investigated who might have pilfered the White Bunny's pocket watch. More peculiar notes from the thief arrived on the sly but this time; the notes led the guests to the hidden pocket watch! A thorough forensic analysis was performed on the watch and the guests of the tea party submitted their best guess of whodunit! Each guest took turns admitting their involvement, if any, in the crime and out of the blue...the thief confessed to the crime! With Topsy-Turvy Land in an uproar, the tea party guests made a valiant effort to seize the Scarlet Queen's crown right off of her head!

    The question is: were any of them successful? To be continued...

    In addition to the wondrous mystery party game, you will receive the following bonus activities:
    • Fun with Funyuns
    • The Perfect Topsy-Turvy Land Cheer
    • Frugal Fashionistas
    • Topsy-Turvy Land Charades
    • Crazy Candy Bar Caper
    • Among other quick bonus game suggestions...
  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 10 years
    # of players: 6-12 players
    Expansion pack: 10 players
    Expandable?: Expands to over 30 players with teams (including expansion pack)
    Gender of players: Co-ed or All female
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