Maui murder mystery party

Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Party

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    A Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Party for 6-10 guests, ages 14+ due to difficulty. For any beach or swimming pool setting. With the two expansion packs, there are 24 unique players. The two expansion packs allow the game to expand to over 50 guests by using the duplicate, expandable players!

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    Click here for 4+ character expansion pack #2 character list  Click here for the invite including expansion pack #2
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    Hawaiian Mystery Party Synopsis - this gives the host a flow of the party.

    The Oceanside Palace Hotel of Maui hosts nightly luaus on Sunset Beach. Exciting Polynesian spirit always fills the air as the guests are greeted and presented with festive Hawaiian leis. You've got your ticket for the next luau and you can't wait! This is where your story begins...

    Here is how to host a large party of over 60 players with this game:
    • Main game file: 10 unique players
    • Main game file: up to 10 additional duplicate players as Sol Boatman’s friends
    • Expansion pack #1: 10 unique players
    • Expansion pack #1: up to 10 additional duplicate players as Adolphi Sharx’s colleagues
    • Expansion pack #1: up to 10 additional duplicate players as Stan Grable’s friends
    • Expansion pack #2: 4 unique players
    • Expansion pack #2: up to 10 additional duplicate players as Kai Kahua’s friends

    For example: when you purchase duplicate players, we will sort them equally among the 4 groups. Therefore, if you purchase duplicate players from the dropdox box above, you will have 4 of Sol Boatman's friends, 4 of Stan Grable's friends, 4 of Adolphi Sharx's colleagues, and 4 of Kai Kalua's friends as well as 24 unique players - which would be a 40 player game. Therefore, the max of players we can offer is 24 unique players with both expansion packs, with an additional 4 expandable teams of up to 10 players each.

    In addition to the fun luau murder mystery party game, you will also receive the following bonus game activities (bonus games will differ from the download version)
    • Shove a Duck Pool Game
    • Trecherous Sharks & Swashbucklin' Pirates Pool Game
    • Totally Sunny Movie Challenge
    • Ping Pong Madness Pool Game
    • Tourist Versus Natives Relay
    • Top Chef - Poolside Guacamole
    • Movie Quote Challenge
    • The P.G.A. Tournament
    • Super Saturated Sweatshirt Race
    • What Summer Thing am I? Game


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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 14 years
    # of players: 6-10 players
    Expansion pack: 10 players, and 4 players
    Expandable?: Expands to over 50 players with teams (including expansion packs)
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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    1. 5 STARS

      I've hosted 4 parties from this company and by far, they are the best. if you go anywhere else, you'll regret it.
      This mystery was different from the rest with plot/story and murder and I appreciate that - so my friends keep guessing what's next. (I've done others in the past from the cheap boxed set companies and the plots were too alike - never again!)
      HIGHLY recommend. Also, I've used the download versions and this was my first boxed set and again, I highly recommend, it's worth the money.
      on Jul 17th 2016

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