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Our author is the most experienced murder mystery party game writer around. Besides her over one hundred exciting mystery parties that are hosted worldwide - she has published multiple scientific articles, How-To Articles, 7 fiction novels and 2 non-fiction titles!
She is also the proud author of the legendary Official Party Host Handbook.


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What kind of security does your site use?
Our site is a BigCommerce store and the security and uptime of our store is their #1 priority. We protect our site and data with the same military-grade security and encryption that the big banks use.
We use as our payment gateway. With Authorize.Net, our customers can be confident their data is secure. We utilize industry-leading technologies and protocols, such as 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and we are compliant with a number of government and industry security initiatives.


Your game, upon purchase, will be available to you for up to one year after purchase. If, for any reason, your party was canceled and needs to be rescheduled beyond that year, be sure to download the materials within the year to ensure you have the game.

All published materials of are protected under international Copyright © laws and conventions.  All rights reserved.  My Mystery Party documents may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including but not limited to photocopying, emailing, recording, scanning or by any information storage and retrieval system (including podcasts or other social media posts) without express written consent from The buyer has the right to a single use, private use game and will be entitled upon purchase to use My Mystery Party game materials for one event only in a private setting for a non-profit use. Posting any content of our game on social media outlets or other online sites is illegal and a violation of international Copyright laws.

Commercial / Multi-Use licenses shall be purchased from by the buyer in the event this game is intended to be utilized for profit and / or for multiple events in private, commercial and / or public settings. This includes but is not limited to freelance event planners, fundraising for non-501C organizations, party decor companies, wineries, breweries, restaurants, bed & breakfast facilities, hotels, castles, manors, museums, libraries etc.  Doing a fundraiser for a 501C - give us your federal ID along with the order, and we will waive the license fee. 

All graphics associated with this game are protected under copyright laws and remain the property of My Mystery Party. You do not have the right to use these graphics for personal gain in any manner. As stated above, our games are purchased for a single event and you may not transfer this game to another person (i.e. email it to a friend, etc.). By doing so, you are in violation of federal Copyright laws and both parties are subject to legal consequences. You will be charged the license fee, the cost of the game, the cost of our staff locating the violation, and any damages that are incurred due to your illegal use of the game.

Posting our game or any portion of our published game on any online site (i.e. social media, blogs, etc.) is a violation of copyright and damages will be assessed based upon the loss of sales for the time period the game/portion of the game was online. Even if you delete your post,  screenshots are always available of any online site from any past date - deleting a post will not erase the violation.  An example of this would be posting a spoiler, such as a person wearing a victim sign, the reading of the text of the solution round cards on a video, etc.  This prevents future hosts (our customers) from wanting to host the game, as spoilers are available online for their guests. This creates a calculated loss of business.  You will asked to pay for the calculated loss of sales upon discovery of the violation. 

Removing our copyright line &/or reproducing our materials, &/or claiming you are the author of the game in any manner is a violation of copyright and will be considered an act of plagiarism.  These games are non-editable. Re-typing the material and presenting it as your own is an act of plagiarism. Albeit, plagiarism is not a criminal offense, it infringes upon the author's intellectual property and the act may land you in federal court.  Don't do it. 

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We ship all party ready party packs straight to your address via UPS Ground or other service as you select during check out. We will ship mystery props within 1-2 business days and party ready packs within 2-3 business days.


International Shipping (outside of the U.S.) - please contact your country's UPS representative in advance for details to determine if you will be charged any additional customs or brokerage fees upon delivery. We will pay the UPS shipping fees on our end, but once the 3.0 lb. package labeled 'mystery party documents' reaches your country, there might be additional fees assessed by your country's customs that will be COD and will be your responsibility.


All of our parties have a satisfaction guarantee.

DOWNLOADABLE GOODS: if you are not happy with your mystery (or any other downloadable item) for any reason, we will in most cases 'exchange' it immediately with another one (i.e. give you another equivalent product for free by adding it to your purchase) as long as you have not previously taken advantage of this 'exchange' policy. If you have already been granted a free game, please be careful in the future because we will not give you another game as an exchange. Please view the sample game materials, ask us questions via email, study the character list and watch the game trailer to ensure this is the correct game for your group. We reserve the right to refuse an exchange if we feel you are taking advantage of our exchange program. 

Note: The Harrison House or Stratford Castle games will not qualify as an even exchange for any other mystery party game due to the size and cost of the game. 

We offer instant downloads upon purchase. This is very convenient for you, as there is no waiting to get your game. However, because our games are instantly available upon purchase, we have no way to determine whether or not you have saved the file that was instantly available to you. For this reason, we cannot offer refunds for our games. There are no exceptions.  However, if you ever need the file again &/or didn't save it to your computer or lost it - simply click on the 'download files' link in your emailed invoice. Also, you can contact us via email and we will be happy to send your game to you within 24 hours &/or resend your invoice.
Due to the nature of digital products there is no way for us to prevent a customer from using a kit after it has been made available upon purchase and therefore we cannot give refunds on our electronic products. There are no exceptions. You are able to view free sample game materials, mystery synopses, game video trailers (when applicable) and character lists (or example tasks in the case of scavenger hunts) to make sure the product meets your needs. We are also here to answer any questions you may have about the game prior to purchase. We trust this will help you make an informed purchase you will be happy with. Buying the game to determine if it fits your needs is not acceptable. 
If you have any questions about the game (i.e. why is the teen game rated 14+?, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us via email or during our call center hours. Again, please note: there is only one exchange allowed per customer for a lifetime and any customer receiving a free game in 'exchange' is asked to call in all future orders from My Mystery Party, as we want to be sure that you are selecting an appropriate party for your group since no future free games (i.e. exchanges) are allowed. We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer who attempts to abuse our 'exchange' policies. We are aware of internet scams and will legally pursue customers attempting charge-back fraud to obtain free merchandise. Again, we will do anything in our power to make you happy - we survive with great referrals!

FOR PARTY READY PACKS: We cannot refund party ready packs for any reason, as these are custom prepared for you upon purchase. We do not keep a stock of prepared kits as there are too many games with many options that you can customize our parties with (i.e. expansion packs, etc.). These kits are labor intensive and there is no way to refund labor costs. Please contact our sales support at 1-800-714-3951 for more information about your selected party prior to ordering a party ready pack. Carefully review the sample game materials, the character lists, and the mystery synopsis as well*We are not responsible for lost packages due to an incorrect address input into the system during checkout. In the event this occurs, you will need to contact the shipping company directly (UPS, FEDEx, etc.) to retrieve the package with the tracking number we provide you.

FOR MYSTERY PROPS: If the materials are returned to us in the exact condition in which they were shipped, we will issue a refund or exchange. In the event of an exchange, you will need to ship us the item at your cost and we will ship the new replacement item back to you at our cost via UPS Ground. For refunds, we do not refund any shipping charges and there will be a 15% restocking fee assessed. If the materials are not in the exact manner in which they were shipped (i.e. crime scene tape is torn, victim shirt has been worn, it is covered in hay that has seeped into the packaging, etc.) we will not issue a refund and you will need to pay shipping fees if you wish to have these damaged items returned to you. There are no exchanges or refunds on victim face paint or worn items due to hygienic issues.

FRAUDULENT CHARGE REVERSALS: Cardholders may exploit loopholes in the chargeback process, using an illegitimate chargeback to steal from the merchant. Cyber shoplifting, otherwise known as friendly fraud or illegitimately filed chargebacks, is a growing concern for ecommerce retailers, amounting to losses of $16 billion a year and counting. Cyber shoplifting
 is growing at a rapid rate of ~41% a year. Another alarming statistic is that consumers who successfully file an illegitimate chargeback will do so again within the next 60 days. These shocking statistics reflect how quickly the issue of cyber shoplifting is growing and how important it is that all online merchants take action to prevent themselves from being a victim of this fraud. Because of this, we take fraud very seriously. 
Purchasing a downloadable game (or tangible item) and then filing for a chargeback on your credit card to circumvent our return policy and recieve a refund is illegal.  For your protection and the integrity of our credit processing system - all charge reversals will be immediately investigated by our legal team and the local law enforcement based upon the IP Address used during the purchase. All fraudulent charges will be reported to the card-issuing bank with evidence of purchase, download &/or tracking as well as any email correspondence. We also may report the fraud to the District Attorney of the respective location in which the buyer is located as determined by the IP Address. For the protection of internet merchants, any buyer that is found reporting a false charge reversal for any reason will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and will be reported immediately to all bad customer databases and governing agencies.  If you file too many fraudulent charge disputes, you may be dropped from your bank.

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