Easter family mystery party game

Easter Mystery Party Game

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    A fun filled non-murder family Easter mystery party for all ages - 8-16+ guests. Perfect for any group and any Easter occasion! Due to the moderate difficulty level, if this party is for all children (with children playing the adult roles), the suggested ages would be 12+ years. Otherwise, if adults are playing the adult roles, as long as the kids can read - they can play the kids' roles! This is the instant download upon purchase - no shipping fees, no waiting! Download immediately! For the boxed version, see the link below to the party ready pack version. 

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    Easter Mystery Party Synopsis

    It was Easter and per tradition, the Wabbit family gathered at the home of Brare and Peter Wabbit in the beautiful town of Springville. They jumped off the festivities with delectable appetizers while quizzing each other over fun candy trivia questions! They enjoyed a hilarious Hunt for the Golden Egg Challenge and then competed with a feisty game of Easter Golf. Some of the members in the family had rather strong or eccentric personalities so Brare Wabbit did everything possible to keep everyone harmonious - that is, until it was discovered that someone vandalized the prize chocolate bunny! By the Wabbit family tradition, a chocolate bunny was the grand prize for the Annual Wabbit Family Easter Egg Hunt . With the grand prize damaged - could the hunt even go on? But everyone agreed that they should investigate and find out who the guilty one was immediately, so the investigation commenced! Luckily, Brare had a friend at the local police department who was able to quickly collect some forensic evidence for the family to consider in their investigation of whodunit. To break the stress of the investigation, the family took a break with the What Easter Thing am I game and the Hoppin' Easter Bunny Relay Game. Then over a delectable dessert and hot coffee, the family took turns accusing who they believed the chocolate offender was and then to everyone's shock - the vandal confessed! The family got the Easter Celebration back on track with awesome games such as Easter Charades, Capture the Eggs Scavenger Hunt Challenge, and Top Chef - Easter Style before the final Easter Egg Hunt for the grand prize chocolate bunny. Overall it was definitely an Easter to remember!

    In addition to the fun and exciting Easter Mystery Party Game, you'll receive hilarious bonus activities.
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    # of players: 8-16 players
    Minimum age: 13 years
    Expansion pack: Not at this time
    Expandable: Expands to 30 players with a team
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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    1. Easter Bunny Loses Ears

      Under very mysterious circumstances a chocolate bunny lost his ears at a recent dinner party. There were several suspects and after a detailed investigation, authorities have arrested someone. The name is not being released until all other similar cases have been solved. They will name the defendant after the ongoing Easter Egg hunts and Easter baskets have been investigated. on Mar 22nd 2016

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