Diamond Heist detective kids mystery party game

Diamond Heist mystery party for kids

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    A detective themed mystery party for all girls - ages 12+ for 7-12 guests! Get ready to do some serious sleuthing and have a blast solving a fun and challenging mystery at River Peak High School! *For the younger aged guests (10-12 years), parent hosts might need to give assistance with clues and sleuthing!

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    Mystery Party Game Synopsis

    Mancy Crew is a senior at River Peak High School. Due to her natural talents for investigation, she founded the River Peak High School Forensic Science Club last year. It has since grown into a serious investigative group that even the River Peak Police Department has needed the assistance from on occasion! All criminal activities that take place in River Peak High are thoroughly investigated by Mancy's Forensic Science Club. Unfortunately, crime rates have been high and Mancy and her Club have been quite busy lately! Mancy recently received word from the local police department about a diamond heist at Hemsberg Diamonds Jewelry Store in the town of River Peak. The Zamkiki Diamond is the fourth largest diamond in the world and has toured the globe this year. The past week, it was on display at Hemsberg Diamonds in River Peak...until jewel thieves broke into the store and stole it from the case! The River Peak Forensic Science Club agreed to assist the River Peak Police Department in the investigation since there was evidence of the thieves having ties to River Peak High School! The group met at the Hemsberg Diamonds Jewelry Store and broke the ice with some fun games such as the Jell-O’Tastic Relay Race and the Perfect Dance Challenge. Mancy always says that relaxed investigators are effective investigators! Then, the police sent the junior forensics crew on a hunt for pieces of a coded letter that flew out of one of the thief's jackets. The team deciphered the codes and figured out that one of the members of the Forensic Science Club might actually have more information about the diamond heist than she should have! The group played a few more fun games such as Make me a Necklace, Mancy, What Thing Am I and the Spunky Scramble Challenge to relieve the tension from the investigation. Then, one by one, each guest accused who they believed had knowledge of the diamond heist and once everyone came clean with their involvement, if any, the group quickly located the Zamkiki Diamond! After finding the Zamkiki Diamond, the team ended the investigation with a hilarious game of charades. The River Peak Police Department was in further debt to Mancy Crew and her Forensics Club and the next morning, there was an awesome news article about the junior crime sleuths in the River Peak High School Forensic Science Club!

    In addition to the fun mystery game, there are optional bonus games such as:
    • 'Get the Party Started Relay Race'
    • 'The Careful Cotton Carry Game'
    • 'The Eyewitness Game'
    • 'The What am I Game'
    • 'The Awesome Dance Contest'
    • 'The What am I Game'
    • 'The Ultimate Charade Challenge'


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