Widgets, Inc. corporate murder mystery party

Corporate murder mystery: Widgets, Inc.

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    A corporate murder mystery party game for 16 to over 100 guests. 16 unique characters with 12 of the characters as Vice Presidents of corporate areas (i.e. Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, etc.) that act as leaders of their respective departments (expandable team players).

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    Murder Mystery Party Game Synopsis

    Ebbie Smooge, C.E.O. of Widgets, Inc., was a miserly old soul who lacked a shred of human compassion and treated the employees of Widgets, Inc. very, very poorly. Against Ebbie's wishes, an annual corporate party was scheduled by his most trusted and loyal assistant, Pat Head, in response to an employee petition and threat of a 'walk out!' So, the employees and their loved ones arrived at the party and immediately began to enjoy a relaxing cocktail and appetizer hour. Finally allowed to be around each other without the stresses of a high-paced work environment, the guests mingled with fun general trivia challenges and started to get to know each other outside of the work place. A few skirmishes broke out among the guests who were known to not get along too fabulously, but Pat Head got everything back on track with a fun 'What Corporate Thing am I?' game followed by a Corporate Scramble Challenge. A delicious dinner was served and the guests had a blast until - a murder occurred! The guests rallied together to figure out whodunit before the police arrived. The negative press of an unsolved murder was certainly the type of media attention that Widgets, Inc. did not need. After an intense investigation, the guests took a break and played an exciting game of Corporate Taboo. Then, with dessert and coffee, the guests accused who they believed the murderer was and after everyone took turns coming clean with their involvement with the murder...the murderer confessed! After a fun game of Corporate Charades, the party was over and the murderer was escorted away by the police! Overall it was an awesome and very memorable Annual Corporate Party!

    In addition to the murder mystery party game, there are optional bonus games!
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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 15 years (corporate theme)
    # of players: 8-16 players
    Expansion pack: Not at this time
    Expandable?: Over 100 players with expanded teams
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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