Murder at Worldwide Prestige corporate mystery party

Corporate Chaos Murder Mystery Party

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    Corporate Murder Mystery Party Game with 40 unique characters (with expansion packs) and invite over 200 guests by duplicating characters and playing in teams. This is the instant download upon purchase - no waiting, no shipping fees! For the boxed version, see the link below in the helpful links section. 

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    Corporate Murder Mystery Synopsis:

    The Annual Conference for Worldwide Prestige, Inc. is scheduled to be held this year at the Grande Plaza Hotel in New York City. It was leaked recently that the CEO, Mr. Eric Wilde, will announce the end of the year figures and prove to the Board of Directors and investors worldwide that he has not only saved the company from an imminent bankruptcy one year ago when he was hired as the CEO, but has doubled profits from the highest profit year in the history of the company! Not only is Worldwide Prestige, Inc. rumored to be safe from having its’ doors closed but now it might mean a healthy bonus for all! Lately at corporate headquarters in Anonville, Texas, the atmosphere has been electric as the employees, including you, have buzzed about the upcoming trip to the Big Apple! However, the other day the air turned stale as the shocking news flashed through the overhead speaker about your heroic Chief Executive Officer. As you may recall, Mr. Eric Wilde was pronounced missing! His personal effects were found in his desk; his car parked in his space since Friday afternoon, and not a single light on at his home! Since Eric started at Worldwide Prestige, he has worked 15 hours a day, 7 days a week and never has missed a minute even to blow his nose! The Board of Directors is certain foul play is at hand but can't involve the police just yet! The media would throw a Doom’s Day spin on the CEO’s absence and the company stock will plummet without Mr. Wilde’s solid leadership in place. The show has to go on and everything has to appear normal or Worldwide Prestige, Inc. is destined for disaster.To everybody’s surprise, the Board appointed Jasmine Aurora, a prior Senior Risk Officer in the Internal Audit Department, to serve as interim CEO until Eric’s return. The Board also decided to proceed with the Annual Conference with great hope that Eric Wilde will return in time to attend. All stockholders have been extended an invitation to the yearly strategy sessions and will undoubtedly figure something is amiss if Mr. Wilde is absent from the meetings. You'll soon arrive at the Grande Plaza Hotel and kick off the conference with breakout sessions and critical thinking seminars and relaxing social gatherings and award ceremonies in the evenings. You're registered for the conference, your travel plans are booked and you're ready for the conference! This is where your story begins...

    In addition to the corporate murder mystery game, there are optional bonus games such as: (Bonus games will differ slightly between the various versions of this game)
    • Ice-breaking movie trivia challenge
    • Corporate Scramble Challenge
    • Corporate Rap Contest
    • Corporate Disguise Challenge
    • So You Think You Can Dance Contest
    • The Corporate Memory Game
    • The Boisterous Balloon Battle
    • The Corporate Short Film Festival
    • Final Solution Round Movie Quote Challenge
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  • Other Details

    Minimum age: 15 years (corporate themed)
    # of players: 8-20 players
    Expansion packs: 10 players, and 10 players
    Expandable?: Expands to over 100 players with teams (includes expansion packs)
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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