614 Scarlet Court mystery party game

614 Scarlet Court mystery game

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    An exciting home block party murder mystery party 7-20+ guests (8 female, 7 male, 5 either gender), ages 15+ years. Two players are expandable, expand to over 30 players. With the 10+ character expansion pack, you can have over 50 players!

    Helpful Links:
    Click here to view the character list!
    Click here for the free, printable invitation!
    Click here for the sample game materials!
    Click here for the 10+ (5M,5F) Expansion Pack character list. And, click here for the free invite including the expansion pack players. 
    Click here for the instant download version of the game.
    Direct your guests to the corresponding site at 'Your Mystery Party'
    Direct your invited party guests to Your Mystery Party to build pre-game excitement.

    Corresponding mystery, thriller-suspense novel, 614 Scarlet Ct., is available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble in electronic and paperback format. The novel gives an unbelievable twist to the mystery of the house! Awesome as a souvenir &/or prize for the winners of the murder mystery party!

    Murder Mystery Party Game Synopsis

              The Dawson family moved into their new home at 614 Scarlet Court nearly two months prior to hosting their first annual block party for the residents of the small town of Shady Oaks. Isabella Dawson was an experienced party host and after only two months of living in Shady Oaks, she had earned the infamous title of town gossip. Nonetheless, the townspeople still flocked to the scene, ready to enjoy an evening of great company, good food and fun.
             After everybody arrived to the Dawson’s home, Isabella got the party started with delectable appetizers and fun icebreakers. The guests mingled about and caught up on the recent events in town as some guests revealed their true feelings about one another. Rumors of blackmail, backstabbing, and revenge surfaced as some guests got into heated altercations. Tension saturated the air so thickly, it could have been sliced it with a knife.
             Isabella did her best to distract the troubled guests with a delicious dinner along with exciting party games but to no avail, the guests were mortified to discover that a murder had occurred. The guests rallied together to figure out whodunit before the murderer could escape or even worse, claim another victim.
             Following an intense murder investigation, the group submitted their best guess of whodunit and took turns making accusations of who they believed was guilty. The guests then took turns confessing their involvement, if any, with the crime and to everybody’s shock, the murderer confessed! After a brilliant escape attempt by the murderer, the guests settled into enjoying a lovely dessert while playing a party game to get everybody’s mind off the night's stressful happenings. Isabella knew it would be difficult for her to top off this memorable night when she hosts the 2nd Annual Dawson's Block Party!

    In addition to the murder mystery party game, there are optional bonus games such as:
    • Fantastic Film Festival
    • Shady Oaks Scramble Challenge
    • The Boisterous Balloon Battle
    • The Magnificent Memory Game
    • Do you Think You Can Dance Contest
    • Daring Disguise Challenge
    • Roitous Rap Contest
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    There is a corresponding mystery suspense thriller novel by Dr. Bon Blossman: 614 Scarlet Court that goes along with this intriguing murder mystery party. (It's not necessary to purchase this book to solve the murder mystery, it's only to further the story and enhance the experience!) You and your guests can read about what happened to the previous owners of 614 Scarlet Court prior to the Dawson family moving in! A perfect party souvenir or award for the winner of the murder mystery party!

    Available on Nookbook by Barnes & Noble - click here. or you can also purchase the electronic version via Kindle by Amazon.com- click here! Also available here at My Mystery Party (see below).

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    Minimum age: 15 years
    Number of players: 7-20 players
    Available expansion pack: 10 players
    Expandable players?: Expands to over 30 players with teams
    Gender of players: Co-ed
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